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Are You Right or Left Brained?

Posted on 2009.08.13 at 14:30
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You Are 60% Left Brained, 40% Right Brained
The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.
Are You Right or Left Brained?

So....I saw this on Clara's LJ and I decided to take it x3 I figured I was left-brained (being an engineer and all haha) but it's interesting how close together they are. But I guess that comes from me writing stuff as well x3 hahaaaa.

Anyway. Interesting. Just for you guys to know a bit more about me or whatever XD Enjoyyyy~

Also, if you guys wanna take it, lemme know what you got! XD


saiyajin_hime at 2009-08-13 22:25 (UTC) (Link)
I posted my result in my journal :)
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