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~Chapter 3 Teasers~

Posted on 2009.07.31 at 19:51
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Soooo since FOS is down, I have decided to post a little 'teaser' to chapter 3 of my Shuuhei and Ichigo stories x3 SO YOU GUYS CAN'T SEE IT UNTIL FOS GETS BACK UP! Sad day indeed : (

Anyway, here we go! XD

You downcast your eyes and turned to the side. "This is really serious, isn't it?"

"It is...No offense, but I think you lucked out with the Arrancar you fought. I think you are extremely lucky to still be alive."

Luck. "Do you think that's what it is?"

He slowly turned to you and nodded. "You were strong enough to take that one out, but there are far stronger ones around. It took out Ichigo, after all."

Ichigo Kurosaki. Substitute Soul Reaper. The one who practically single-handedly saved Rukia and somehow managed to beat Captain Kuchiki. CAPTAIN Kuchiki. Shuuhei was right, it was luck that you happened across a weaker Arrancar.

'Luck... Is that what it is? What keeps me in this fragile state? What keeps my Zanpakuto from talking to me? What wakes me up, surrounded by thousands of bodies?' You closed your eyes, inadvertently sending out a tear. 'Is that what luck is...?' "Hey, I'm sorry, Kana," he apologized, turning towards you and holding you against his chest as he embraced you. "I didn't mean--"

"No...It's not what you said, Shuuhei. I just...there's a lot of things on my mind right now. I'm just feeling overwhelmed."

You felt as he held you tighter, rubbing your back affectionately as you attempted to hold your tears in. "I'm here for you, Kana. It's not healthy to keep stuff held in, you can--"

"I know, Shuuhei... And thanks, but... I wouldn't really know what to say. It's too confusing to even start explaining..."

He remained silent, still stroking your back comfortingly. You sat in silence a few moments longer, your eyes finally drying from their moist state as Shuuhei continued to hold you close.

After what felt like hours, you finally stopped at the place you were hoping to find. "Karakura Cemetery..." you said aloud as you saw the sign above the entryway. You looked straight again, keeping your expression aloof as your feet continued on the trail they had been previously following. You closed your eyes as you allowed them to take control once more, the blankness helping to keep your mind clear as they traveled. You felt as they carried you up stairs -- which seemed to last forever -- before taking a few seemingly random rights and left.

You calmly opened your eyes, seeing if the place looked familiar. As you figured, it didn't. But your feet still seemed to be moving along the familiar path so you waited patiently.

After a few more minutes of more vague wandering, your feet finally came to a stop in the middle of a walkway. You blinked a few times to clear your vision before you looked around, wondering if any of the surrounding tombstones looked familiar.

Unfortunately, they didn't. You tried to clear your mind once more, but it seemed your feet no longer were walking the path of repeated past travels. You sighed as you looked at the graves once more, not sure which grave your feet might've brought you to but not recognizing any of them.

You closed your eyes and chuckled bitterly. "Heh... I guess I was just kidding myself. Thinking my feet were so used to walking the same path that they'd just bring me somewhere." You opened your eyes as you turned and began walking away. "What a joke..." You only got a few steps before your mind began thinking again. 'Well...since I'm here...' You looked around before figuring out what part of the cemetery looked the newest. After seeing some stairs on the perimeter, you began heading that way, figuring it wouldn't hurt to at least look around.

Since your feet were already tired, you jumped to the top of the stairs, casually walking around as you looked at all of the grave stones. 'I'm probably just wasting my time,' you thought bitterly as you quickly scanned the area. You did a double take as something bright caught your eye, seeing a small bouquet of flowers atop one of the markers. You furrowed your eyebrows curiously as you made your way over to the grave, your feet apparently taking their time.

You finally made it before the tombstone with flowers on it, stopping slowly before you turned to read what it said.

Once your eyes fell over the words, you let out a breath you realized you were holding, hearing it come out as a mix of a cry and a sigh. Your eyes scanned over the words again and again, as though they were kidding you the first time.

...Well there ya go! Enjoy! ;D


xclarabelle at 2009-08-01 02:16 (UTC) (Link)

FoSFF better come back soon... -_- I NEED MORE THAN JUST TEASERS! Even though they were both freaking awesome~! *-* I love it! <3 I seriously can't wait to read the whole thing, arghh! Dx
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