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Posted on 2010.08.28 at 14:06
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So here I am...updating. Since it's been awhile. I never was really good at keeping a diary DX

But anyway! I felt like things have been coming along pretty well so I thought I would let you all know what's up. ('All' probably being the...like, three of you that actually read this, if that. ALAS!) *ahem* MOVING ON. So. Writing has been going smoothly I would like to say. I FINALLY got over my writer's block for my Shuuhei story so I've been blitzing! I'm up to chapter 20! XD HUZZAH! The problem now is...that I have no idea where to go from here :( I only had up to the Fake Karakura planned...so now I don't know what to do. I think mostly because I don't know where the manga is going to go (I actually gave in and started reading it...at least the recent chapters XD) so I don't want to be like, KANA KILLED AIZEN only to see that...Aizen disappears to try again or something X_X Oy. But...hopefully it'll be awhile before I post chapter 20 and maybe the manga will have moved on quite a bit that I'll get more ideas ^^; If any of you have something to suggest, let me know!

As far as Ichigo's...I'm up to chapter 11 I think. I originally tried to keep them the same (as in, write a chapter for Shuuhei then write one for Ichigo) but then I went on my Shuuhei blitz and never looked back. I'm not too worried though because I have most of Ichigo's planned, and I like the story a lot that it shouldn't be hard to find motivation for. Not to mention I still have the whole Bleach story line to work with...so like I said, it shouldn't be hard ^^

Thennn the Kaien drabbles. I had a writer's block there as well but I finally got over it (albeit at the expense of a probably horrible few prompts, but oh well DX). I believe I'm up to 85 for those. I could've kept going, but I figured I should ask my readers what kind of prompts they'd like to see more of...just so they don't get to the end and be like, I WANTED MORE SEXY KAIEN, WTF. So...again, any suggestions would be welcome XD

FINALLY there is Roy. I have no idea where to go with his story either, if only because I've reached the limit to where I had planned. Well...more or less. I have his next chapter planned and some general ideas after that...but I have NO IDEA where to go. I really don't want to put him on a hiatus or even end him...but I fear I must. It seems like I could do so much more with him, that's why it's sad DX AGAIN AGAIN, I would love suggestions x3 I aim to please you guys after all! *crickets chirp* Whoever may be out there :(

THEN there are one-shots. I obviously finished Ally's birthday fic, but I still feel like it sucks...so once I get the motivation I'll write some more scenes for Ike. And I'll also work on a Ranulf spin-off because he is just too cute to forget about XD I also plan on doing another Guy (from Tales of the Abyss) one-shot (though more of a mini-fic these days DX) at some point in time. I'd like to finish a few other things first before I embark on that adventure though. I'm still behind on Ally's birthday because I promised her a Joshua lemon too DX I AM SORRY, ALLLYYYY! I'll try to make it super special awesome to make up for it. ^^ So that's all that I have planned for now. Here it is in list form:

Joshua lemon
Guy mini-fic
Ike add-on
Ranulf one-shot

...And that is PROBABLY in the order that I'll work on them as well. But there's no telling where motivation might strike me from!

OKAY SO. I'm sure I'll copy and paste most of these into their respective stories but for now they will go here. Since Luna is down after all DX LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. Oh well. Gives me an excuse to do nothing but update I suppose ^^;

As far as my life goes (if anyone is concerned!) there is actually nothing new. Nothing of importance anyway. Uhh...one of my friends is getting married today. I'm not that excited to go for some reason D: I think I'm just SUCH an introvert that I would much rather spend my time writing or playing videogames than going to special shindigs. But...I have an excuse to get pretty, which I always like to do, so I suppose not all it lost XD

Alrighty! So I suppose this is getting rather long. I shall end here. So if anyone has suggestions for any of my stories, feel free to drop a line! I'd be more than happy to take it into consideration ^^ Also, if any of you want to see a teaser (like I sometimes do...just post a few paragraphs from the next chapter) then let me know! It'll maybe hold you guys for a bit until Luna comes back. Just let me know~! Ta ta for now!

Now Listening To: Dad watering the grass!...I think.

EDIT: So I read my last entry, and I had said that I had up to chapter 18 of Shuuhei written. I'm pretty sure this was a lie, seeing as I had recently finished chapter 18 like two weeks ago. So I'm really not sure what I meant, because at that point in time I think I MAYBE had up to 16 written. Or perhaps I meant I have up to 18 planned? I really have no idea. So I just wanted to clear it up so you guys aren't like, "SHE ONLY WROTE TWO CHAPTERS SINCE THE LAST UPDATE?! THAT'S NOT A BLITZ!" But it was more like 6 chapters...cuz I swear I've written more than just two. So I have no idea what I was referring to...but regardless, up to 19 is written and I'm currently working on 20. So I just wanted to clear that up! XD


saiyajin_hime at 2010-09-02 19:21 (UTC) (Link)
{waves hand in air while jumping up and down} I'm still here!

Well, that's great to hear that things are better with you. ^-^

As for your writing, I'm only familiar with your Roy story. Umm...last thing I remember was Roy and Mika having a fight and Mika runs out. Maybe the next part could have Marth encourage Roy to after and talk to her. Roy does and catches up to Mika far from the camp site and convinces her to hear him out, they talk and make up, then maybe have a spy somewhere listening to them and go off to report back to whoever is keeping Marth's sister hostage (I'm terrible with remembering names). Before the spy can escape, Roy hears him and both him and Mika team up to go after him.

Hope that helps, but if you want to use something else that's completely up to you (it's your story after all! XD).

Anywho, good luck with your Roy story and the rest of your work! I know what you planned will not be a disappointment. <3
saiyajin_hime at 2010-09-10 06:40 (UTC) (Link)

Happy B-Day!

I know this is the night before, but I figured since I'm still up I would take the time to wish you a happy birthday! Thanks for all your help, and all you've done for me. I hope your birthday is a great one! <3

sacred_tear187 at 2010-09-28 05:10 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Happy B-Day!

I'm totally sorry I haven't responded back sooner! But thank you very much for the birthday wishes! XD And that video was totally adorable, I loved it x3 I hope things are still going well with you!

Thank you for the idea for my Roy story, too! I think I might be able to slip that in somehow. Or at least something similar ^^ Thanks for the idea! It's always nice getting at least SOME sort of help; even if I don't always use it, it could at least jump start me in some other direction y'know? So thank you, I appreciate the help! Thanks again for the birthday wishes and hope you're doing alright! I'll talk to you soon! <3
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